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Blood & Bourbon

Canadian Literary Journal 

Blood & Bourbon is a fiercely independent journal run by storytellers, for storytellers. Based in Canada, it features writers and artists from all over the world and provides a supportive platform for emerging voices on the literary scene.


As Editor at Large, I work directly with authors to polish their submissions for publication. I also contribute my own writing and cover art to select issues of the journal.

Issue #10—Catastrophe
May 2022
Credits: Editor at Large; Cover Artist; Author, Chapbook Review: Leviathan by Blake Kilgore
Issue #9—Magic
November 2021
Credits: Editor at Large
Issue #8—Grace
May 2021
Credits: Editor at Large; Cover Artist;
Author, Blankets of Snow
Issue #7—Begin Again
December 2020
Credits: Editor at Large; Cover Artist
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