Outré Magazine Layout

School Project
Copywriting & Design By: Rachel Ramkaran

Magazine title: Outré

Subject: Outré is a literary magazine centering the voices of minority Canadian writers who identify as LGBTQIA2s+. The poetry, prose, and interviews in this magazine highlight voices that diverge from Canada’s mainstream literary community. In this publication you will find the stories from LGBTQIA2s+ writers from the BIPOC, and disability communities, as well as those of young writers trying to break into the literary scene.

Objective: Outré’s objective is to bring new and diverse styles and voices in the literary world to the forefront by sharing stories from and eclectic group of contributors.

Target Audience: Canadian reading and writing enthusiasts from minority communities as well as their allies. LGBTQIA2s+ BIPOC, disabled, and young up-and-coming writers’ voices will be amplified in this quarterly publication. Therefore, these will be the same groups to which Outré is targeted.

Tone: The tone is bold, honest, and raw. It will be critical of power systems while maintaining optimism for positive change and the potential for art and literature to influence it. It centres themes of art and self reflection and the Summer 2020 issue theme will be: Reflections.

Theme: The theme of this issue is Reflections. It will feature a double page spread of poetry on the theme. The feature will be a three-page spread with one cover page for the article and a double page spread with the remainder of the feature article. It will have some imagery related to the topic.

Style: In keeping with its name, Outré is fun, colourful, and out there. It catches the eye with bold patterns and colours, and even bolder stories. Imagery is integral to the appearance of the magazine. Colours
lean towards vibrant.

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